Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hurry up and...

wait –verb
1. to remain inactive or in a state of repose, as until something expected happens
2. to be available or in readiness
3. to remain neglected for a time: a matter that can wait.
4. to postpone or delay something or to be postponed or delayed: Your vacation will have to wait until next month.
5. to look forward to eagerly: I'm just waiting...

Some things are more challenging than others. Not sure I like to think of it in terms of #3!

I am really NOT the kind of person to read more than ONE book at a time...

I think Amazon should give you a volume discount...or at least some frequent buyer card!
Here's what I have on MY "nightstand:"

I already finished this book by my sweet friend, Deanna Jones. She is incredibly real and has such a refreshing heart for moms & kids! She is so brave to share her life...wide open.

I am reading this book (after reading Chan's first book, "Crazy Love," and loving it!) with an old friend who has orchestrated an online book study via Skype. Good thing I have techno-saavy teenagers. It's an intriguing book about the Holy Spirit.

I LOVE this book. When I read it, there are some thoughts I am convinced the author is plucking straight from MY brain. She is moving me to a scary/exciting place of wanting to live with more step out and change....FOR change. I am hoping to do this as a small group study. There are additional resources to go with it.

I have not started to read this book...yet! I recently read Craig's two previous books: The Gutter and Starving Jesus. I love this guy. He is edgy...but LOVING. He is real and sincere and NOT judgmental. He is out there reaching the "unloveable"...the people with really messy lives. Yet, he says the hardest people to love are the self.righteous Christians. Hmmm?

This book was recommended to me by a woman I interviewed for the Safe Families foster program. Reckless Faith...Let Go & Be Led. Hmmm...sounds simple? Sounds falling backwards. If the God of the universe says He will catch me, why do I not just go for it? The author's stories are intriguing she says...putting a burr under my saddle!

Ten years ago, I would not have been brave enough to read these books...for fear of where they might move me. Now? I cannot read them fast enough. Lord, help me loosen my hold on what I falsely believe is "security" here on this earth.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Strange Priorities

We went to a pumpkin farm fundraiser this weekend. It was $15.00 per car and that included horse rides, tractor hay rides, tattoos, a fishing "pond," lots of animals to pet & feed, places to play and a FREE pumpkin for each child.

We ended up talking to the man who was there with the more unusual animals. It was very cool to see the falcon and the itty bitty owl, among other wild animals. He was "guarding" the bald eagle and told us the story of how she came into his care. She had a problem with her wing that required surgery and she was not able to be released back into the wild since she now cannot fly straight. He also told us about a 27 year old bald eagle (way past the average life span) who came into their care with MALARIA of all things.

The animal rehabilitators had to search for malaria medication for this bird. The gentleman we talked to indicated it was complicated and pricey. He also added that the malaria infected bird only lived for three and a half weeks before dying from it's illness. (Maybe old age, too?) He proudly emphasized that at least the bird was able to die in a warm, dry barn...well fed...with the knowledge and comfort of someone taking care of her and attempting to protect her. She died with dignity...and she was not alone.

This makes me cry. Not for the bird. For the children. Who die alone. Who are not warm and dry. Who are FULLY aware that no one cares for them. Who do not get the medicine, food or clean water they need to survive...(or just not die quite so young). Who KNOW how vulnerable and unprotected they are. Who do suffer.
I do not criticize this man and his co-workers/volunteers who care for these animals. I just cannot understand how so many of us can turn our hearts cold toward SO MANY vulnerable, suffering & DYING children...

NOTE: I am happy to be able to report that these PARTICULAR "animal lovers" ARE indeed doing something for the children. The fundraiser was for orphans and needy families in South Africa! So...they used the animals they are caring for to draw people to an event that is providing for some of the children. :)