Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Guilty As Charged! Heavenly "Tattling?!"

Talking about adoption ad nauseum? Guilty as charged! 147 million children without families warrants it. If I have to stand before God and answer for what my PASSION was here on this earth...I will be happy if people - namely other "christians" - ACCUSED me of talking about this totally unacceptable number "too much."

Small groups, curriculum, processes & procedures, paperwork, church attendance, big buildings, etc? No thanks...not while there are kids who are "living" and dying on the streets and breaking the heart of my Father. It's HIS opinion of me that matters...THAT is what I will answer for. He will hold me accountable for what I knew and what I did OR DID NOT DO about it.

I got slammed by my boss - and, yes, I work in the children's ministry of large church! He accused me of talking about adoption ad nauseum. Ok, fine....guilty as charged!

I picture us standing before God our Father, and him tattling on me...."She keeps talking about all these stupid 147 million kids who need famillies!" (read that in a whiny voice with teary eyes...add a stomping foot on the end if you like)

Fun to imagine the teaching moment God might grasp!

Help Me With This Math!

How do you explain to 147 million orphans that ALL of them have been CHOSEN by God - but less that 1% of them will be CHOSEN for adoption...YET, there are 265 BILLION professed Christians in the world. Even if you aren't good at math, something about those numbers is seriously twisted. Wondering how many professed Christians are in the U.S.???

How Many Conversations At One Time?

Starting over and looking at life from a different angle...with a new perspective! I realized just the other day that I THRIVE in the chaos. I must have liked the craziness of a large family growing up...because I purposely recreated it...and then some!
A few years ago, Pete got the kids to play a joke on me...just to see what I was made of. He told them each to take turns - after him - starting a conversation with me...just to see how many I could keep going at one time. I made it to FOUR...before I figured them out.
They make me smile and I would not have it any other way!