Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Court....from 9 am til 6 pm?!

Okay...I thought leaving my house at 9 am to make it in time for an 11 am juvenile court hearing would be HALF my day...or even 3/4s. HA! I did not get home til 6 pm. And what do I have now? A sweet boy who is staying in our home as a ward of the state - AND - a fistful of court appointments. Paternity, mediation, home visits from agencies and a guardian ad litem, and more court hearings. Not to mention the almost hourly calls from a confused and frustrated bio mom. However - he IS worth it.

Needless to say, I did not make the second book study meeting at Panera. I am thinking an every other week on Mondays might work out better....for all THREE of us.

Monday, June 14, 2010

The Too-Busy Book: CHAPTERS 1 & 2

Skip the Acknowledgements if you like - but - don't skip the Intro...I like it!

Chapter 1: Amazed by Love

  • In what specific ways is my life busy right now? In what ways is my life fruitful?

  • Am I too busy? Why have I answered with yes, or why have I answered with no?

  • In what specific ways might I become less busy and more fruitful?

  • Where and when in the past might God have "interfered" in love? How did I respond?
Journal starters...

  • When I consider the ways I hold God's love at arm's length and try to earn it by performing, I feel...

  • The thought that God loves me enough to allow pain when He deems it necessary for my development makes me feel...

  • When I think about some of the steps I might take to become less busy and more fruitful, I feel...
Chapter 2: Daily Bread

  • Do my time choices feel like a curse or a blessing?

  • Do I have an hour or more each day to do whatever I want to, or is my life choked with obligations?

  • In what ways do I routinely violate my God-ordained physical and mental boundaries? Do I, for example, not get enough sleep, eat too much food, expose myself to too much stimulation, or refuse myself the necessary downtime?

  • What makes it hard for me to trust God to meet all my needs?
Journal starters...

  • When I think about God as Provider in my life, I feel...

  • When I compare the amount of my work time to my downtime, I feel...

  • When I think about working "rationally and reasonably," I feel...

UPDATE! Two delightful ladies met with me at Panera and it was a blissful two hours of comfortable conversation.

First Book Study!

Ready ladies?! Oh....I AM!
Plan to meet at the Panera Bread closest to ME
(email for the location if you do not already know it)
on Monday, June 21st from 7 to 9. (I think the close at 9 pm.)
I will bring my daughter's little laptop so we can check out any comments left on that week's post.
Speaking of which...please read Chapters 1 and 2 before we meet so we can talk about it. I know there are questions at the end of each chapter. We can discuss those and just let our conversations be led where God desires. (Which - of course - we will have to resist the natural desire to dabble in idle chatter the WHOLE time....grin!)