Sunday, May 31, 2009

Interstate "Options" mom always used to tease me for not going the easy route and just following the recipe. Here I go again....

We are considering INTERSTATE ADOPTION of a waiting child in the foster care system. Why? Well, because there are children waiting for families in the foster care system. (Kind of a no brainer)

You would think this would be pretty simple since it is all in the good ole US of A. Not the case. It is complicated. So much so that it makes me want to do two things:

1. Slap the next person who quotes me the statistics of how many kids are in the US foster care system;

2. Do something to change the fact that it is SOOOO complicated I am sure there are many people who look into it and then do not even bother.

Of course, we would be open to adopting from the lovely, communist state of IL - however - we are planning to stay in birth order and hope to adopt a child younger than our youngest who is 2 weeks shy of 5. I have been told on more than one occasion we will never find a child that young in the foster system to adopt...they are all placed with foster families and adopted by them OR they are returned to their families OR (I am guessing this is the most common) they bounce around the foster care system until they are much older than 4 or 5.


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