Sunday, May 1, 2011

Afraid to Pray for Patience

I have always been afraid to actually PRAY for patience. I was pretty sure it came only through the hard the very LEAST it would mean long periods of WAITING! Heck, who wants to WAIT for anything? My generation can scarcely remember life before the microwave. is what I have found lately: I don't really HAVE to pray for patience. I am finding that the more time I spend seeking Him...searching earnestly for His will for my life...the more I am willing to follow where He leads and there is no need to ask for is just part of the package.
God really CAN be trusted to orchestrate the details of my life...if I get outta the way...and quit messing it up. It is SUCH a wonderful, peaceful feeling to know that I do not have to "make things happen." My job is to STOP-LOOK & LISTEN.
  1. Stop being so busy "doing" (or in MY case: thinking & manipulating)
  2. Look...into His word! Really? We are missing the obvious when we whine about God not telling us what He wants us to do. He is like a classic parent...saying it several times to children who refuse to hear & comprehend.
  3. Listen! Ok...really....I have never received an AUDIBLE message from God - although that WOULD be WAY COOL! I have, however, had the very blessed experience of a peace that washes over me like a wave during two rather stressful times in my life. Now? I can say I feel a general sense of trust in His timing, in His plan...even when the world would say: "Hey, crazy lady! DO SOMETHING....NOW!" I am getting to the point where "wait" is not necessarily an answer I rebel against. Instead, I am learning to look for the rewards that I would MISS if I rushed past where He wants me at that time.
If you do not know the peace of patience that can only come from the Lord....a sense that He will open the right doors and we just have to be willing to walk through them (and NOT be tempted to get the crowbar after the shut doors!) are missing out. Maybe it's too scary to PRAY for patience. I get that - really - I DO! BUT...I would say...pursue it as a byproduct that comes from seeking hard after Him. Personally, I wanna be huddled up close to the one who cared enough to give it ALL up for ME!


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