Sunday, April 25, 2010

Changing the Recipe?

My mom likes to tease that I always have to change the recipe. I think that goes beyond just cooking for me. I do that with actual recipes, sewing patterns/instructions...and life in general. (Photo here of a doorway puppet theater. Of course, I made... er ... um ... "alterations!")

Is it arrogance? Or the illusion that I can improve on the plan, that I have an even better idea? Naw.

Is it a desire to be just a little bit different from what I have discovered? Hmmm? Maybe.

Is it a challenge to make it "my own?" Possibly. But the funny thing about THAT is that I cannot always duplicate it. Maybe it's a good thing...makes it an "original!?"

Most people I knew when we were first having kids had only two children...especially if they were (what they considered) "blessed" to have one of each right off the bat.

Most people I know do not have children spaced so far apart. But I can tell you that those same people are very often envious of my built-in FREE babysitters!

Most people don't rearrange rooms as often as I do...and they sure don't have the itch to actually move - yes, like to a different house/location - like I do. I keep sayin' that if I could just land in a nice cozy cottage within walking distance to the beach, I would be cured of this moving disease. (Anyone wanna offer a CURE?!)

Most people I know don't bring other people's kids into their homes - children of total strangers - to stay for an undetermined amount of time. Most people I know won't risk letting those same children into their hearts...'cause they might have to let them go. Maybe I just believe the children in my heart - whether I call them "mine" or not - are only on loan to me anyway...and I try real hard to trust the One who has loaned 'em to me!


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