Monday, April 26, 2010

2 Celebrate U!

Well, as mentioned in an earlier it is! I have switched over to a "reusable" Happy Birthday banner that I can personalize on that special day with interchangeable letters for each person's name. Everyone seems to love it and I hung it this morning for the little girl who comes over in the morning to catch the bus from our house. I think she was quite pleased!

Late last night - as I was finishing - my oldest asked if I had remembered to include the letters of her current boyfriend's name (not his CURRENT NAME)...and I had to think fast to see if - HOPEFULLY - all the letters of HIS name were duplicates of a combination of ours. Does that even make sense? Well - whew! YES - why, of course...I have included him. >wink<

The pennant streamers were the MOST fun! I now know some fun tricks to make my own bias tape and - WOW - you get a heck of a lot of bias outta one 36 inch square of fabric!! I also plan to alter my own original plan (of course - duh!) by adding funky fringe to the bottom of the main banner...which I purposely did not hem in the wee hours this morning. Add some more color! Why not, right? I have to go out and get a dowel to hang it, too!

The mother of the child I watch in the afternoon...who is the mother of the bus girl in the morning...said she would pay me to make one for her - AND - she told a friend about it. That friend said she would buy one also...and she has not even SEEN it yet. Hmmm....I will have to think about whether this could be a worthwhile endeavor. Farmer's Market?


Traci Weldie said...

These are really neat! I especially love the pennant streamers!

Lori Smith said...

I found the BEST trim for the bottom! It's big and bold and FUN...and it was marked down from $13/yard to $3/yard.

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