Friday, January 22, 2010

What now?

One of the benefits of being in your 40s is that you FINALLY realize that making grand plans is an exercise in futility...especially if you desire to follow HIS plan for your life.

So...what's next? I have no idea. But, what I DO know is that I am open to just about anything. (Okay, that is probably not literally TRUE in the whole sense of the comment...but I WANT TO BE! And I will work on it...)
I have a friend who has been talking to me about going with her to Ethiopia on a round robin basis. I think the initial thought was to flip flop with her family between ET and the keep a ministry going on both ends.
Well, I have another friend who knew nothing of this dream...and approached me with a similar vision. She would love to see almost the same model...except she is thinking of FOUR families so two would travel and live in ET TOGETHER! {smart woman, she is!} Well, adding her family to the mix made THREE...and - ah! - we both thought of the same 4th family without knowing what the other was thinking!!! This fourth family has a similar vision.
As if that were not enough, my friend's MOM contacted me about a dream she has to start something for orphans HERE in the US. They live on 3,000 acres in a gorgeous part of our country. She is not playing fair, though...she emailed me a photo of "the farm" and is appealing to the outdoor passions of my husband. Hmmm.....
I am so glad God is in charge here!


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