Friday, April 10, 2009

Do We Give Only When it is "Easy?"

I manage approximately 100 volunteers in the Children's Ministry at our church. Every once in awhile, I find out about a need among this group of people and I have the luxury of sharing it anonymously via email so we can all rally around and MEET that need.
We recently blessed a grandma who is raising her 3 grandchildren with more bags than could fit through her doorway for Christmas. (The only "down" side is that ya always make 'em CRY!)

Anyway, I was thinking about a single mom who serves for me who recently lost her job. Her children are 4, 3 and 10 months. It ocurred to me that the simple - usually joyful - task of giving them Easter baskets just might be a huge burden for her this year.

Via a quick email, I enlisted the help of a handful of volunteers to purchase and assemble 3 cool easter baskets. However, the truly touching ACT came when one volunteer - on her own - decided to provide an ENTIRE Easter dinner for this young woman...and her extended family.

This single mom lives with her parents and, from the conversations I have had with her, they are not very supportive. (Outside of providing a a place for her to live with her little ones...which I am not discounting.) I know her mom is not crazy about the open ended living situation.

Well....the volunteer who provided the meal is currently supporting her young adult son whose girlfriend basically lives there most of the time...and is expecting - unexpectedly! It has been challenging for her to love them, to set boundaries and be supportive in general.

When she dropped the meal off at my house - along with some nice items for a basket for the single mom! - we talked for awhile. It turns out HER husband has been out of work for about 18 months! Their house (her childhood home they purchased from her parents) is in foreclosure and she is working her tail off as a waitress.

I dare say that most of us in HER position would have ignored that email from me...thinking others were in a much better position to help out. She told me that she has believed from the start that God is in control of the whole situation...that nothing happens outside His control and it is all for a purpose. She is not giving out of plenty. What savings they had is gone. She is thankful that they bank is working with them in order to MAYBE prevent them from losing the house. Even in all this...she wants to GIVE. I was humbled....


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