Sunday, April 5, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions

(or questions people want to ask...but don't!)
You have FIVE kids! Why are you adopting? As American Christians, we are so richly blessed and God has expanded OUR hearts to love more of His children as our own. Jesus paid the ULTIMATE price to adopt US into His family.....
If you want more children, why don't you just have "your own?" Our desire is to follow God as He leads us to parent an orphaned child or children. When God puts this kind of love in your heart, there is an unquenchable passion to ACT!
Do you think this is fair to the children you already have? Modeling the love of Christ and showing our children how to follow God as He leads is what we give our birth children. Our children have the opportunity to share their lives with others and develop into "worldview" Christians. We believe God will richly bless them for whatever "sacrifices" they will make.
Why international adoption - why not a child in the US foster system? At first, we were touched by the bleak conditions of poverty that we cannot even begin to imagine. Orphans in third world countries are vulnerable to disease, unsafe living conditions and the turmoil of war. They have little opportunity to receive adequate medical care, a decent education, and it is unlikely they will experience the security of living in a truly free society. Every child counts...and the country they were born in does not make them any more or less deserving of a loving family to call their own. Our hearts were simply drawn to Africa.
Why Ethiopia? The short answer...God! The longer version...We were open to anywhere in the world, including our own country, but God kept calling our hearts back to the children of Ethiopia.
How much will it cost? Why is it so expensive? The estimated cost is around $20,000 for one child. IT JUST ADDS UP! We venture to guess that we will surely "get our money's worth" - we are making an ETERNAL INVESTMENT. Let's face it...we all spend our money on SOMETHING.
How can you afford it? This is the part that makes the least sense of all. But we believe God is in this and if He wants us to go and get his child - He will surely make it possible. We are brainstorming fundraising ideas, we will be applying for every grant we can get our eyes on, and we will use the $10,000 adoption tax credit to hopefully offset a good portion of the expenses and.....we will PRAY! (Please pray with us!)
Why would you want to adopt a child who is not the same "color" as your family? God's children come in all shapes, sizes AND colors! We believe we will be blessed by the cultural diversity a child from another country will bring to our family. Who we are AND who we become is FAR more important than what color we are OR where we were born. (Plus...the Ethiopian people are BEAUTIFUL!)
Aren't you worried about HIV/AIDS? No.
If you have any more questions we have not thought of, please ask away!!!


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