Sunday, April 5, 2009

How it started...

Some of this information is redundant...but I am just throwing on here what I put on the back of a flyer we made up in an attempt to pull off a Huge Adoption Yard Sale fundraiser. (Tentative sale dates are June 5th & 6th!)

Hard to believe this all started in a high school sociology class. Some may argue we were obviously NOT paying attention...5 kids and counting?! Hmmm…?

We are Pete and Lori Smith and we met in high school in 1984, married in 1986 and joined the ranks of parenthood in 1990. Natali arrived on September 1st that year in New Hampshire, followed by Kane in May 1993. After a move to the Chicago area in 1996, Tatum came on the scene in a record 23 minutes in April 1999!

God gave us a little boy who came into this world too early and left too soon in November 2001. This was God’s plan and we dare say this little man taught us more in his short life than we could have ever imagined. What a blessing!

Done? In our heads—YES! In our hearts—NO! Fynley arrived in February 2003, tag-teamed by a very unexpected Brogan in 2004. Done?! YES!! Or so we thought. Apparently, just with the “pregnancy part” of parenthood…

We have always felt the pull on our hearts to adopt, but decided it was not meant to be since our “quiver” seemed to be full to overflowing with “birth children.” As we searched our hearts for a way to live with more meaning and purpose—striving to be more Christ-like—the adoption seed sprouted & began to grow…LIKE A WILD WEED!

After prayer, research, prayer, sleepless nights & even more prayer...we have decided to step out in faith to adopt a young child from Ethiopia. Due to our ages and, even more so, the number of children we have in our home already, the countries available to us are limited. We had the privilege of visiting Ethiopia in 2007. There is a special place in our hearts for this beautiful country & the amazingly joyful Ethiopian people.

We are all excited to see what challenges and blessings God has in store for our family.

If you would like to learn more about our adoption agency, pop over to They are a wonderful agency out of Louisville, KY. The orphanage they work with in Ethiopia is run by Kingdom Vision International.
You can learn all about their hopeful programs at:


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