Monday, May 10, 2010

Blessed with Provisions & Opportunities

Today is a Monday FILLED with a renewed appreciation for the many, many, many opportunities God had blessed us with...along with the abundance of provisions He has seen fit to send our way.

In a sagging economy (that, in itself, being ridiculously relative...from a global perspective!), we have two jobs close to home that allow us to earn generous salaries while we work around each other's schedules to avoid the need for childcare.

Pete's employer provides incredible health and dental insurance at a very nominal cost to us. We are able to choose our own doctors and hospitals and we do not have to get a referral to see a specialist. The Flex Spending plan made available to us takes the stress out of paying OUR portion of the medical expenses. Whew!

We have been provided with a HUGE home for a rental price below market value. Our landlord was willing to give us a 3 year lease...enabling us to stay put until our son graduates high school next year. This neighborhood is like an oasis compared to where we recently resided. The house has very few "issues," the yard is not large - but ample (with a sledding hill in the winter), the neighbors are great, the elementary school is a hop, skip & a jump from us IN the subdivision, the teachers ROCK, and we are conveniently located to just about everything. It is pretty "comfortable" living here and I have to admit I believe it is God's way of providing rest after a rough patch in our lives.

We are trying to have no more than one car loan at a time. We made the decision to "off-load" the third vehicle...even though we have three drivers in the family right now. It has been surprisingly easy to juggle the schedules. With the blessing of our places of employment so close to home, along with our college student attending the oh-so-affordable community college right here in town, we are making it work! God recently blessed us with the discovery of a mechanic who is willing and able to repair our loan-free car for considerably less than we an attempt to make it last until the other (more reliable!) vehicle is paid off. Cars: Necessary EVILS!

With some disturbing revelations at one place of employment and the nagging sense of conscience that is prompting a change....God has yet again provided an amazing opportunity! Isn't it funny how - right when you think you have something really good - He shows you something even better? As we were scrambling and thinking we needed to make some hard decisions and difficult adjustments...God seems to be showing us a better that far exceeds our hopes! I cannot begin to imagine what it is like to go through life with the flawed belief that we are on our own with no direction from Someone so much bigger than us!

These are my ramblings...and they are absolutely incomplete. We have so much MORE to be thankful for...


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