Monday, May 24, 2010

Time to Plan a TEA PARTY!

The challenge on deck right now is to plan and pull off a fancy lil tea party birthday celebration for our 7 year old whose ACTUAL birthday was in February. Who wants to have a party in the dreary late days of winter? (My excuse to put it off...more likely!)
I have perused the internet and come up with some fun ideas. Fynn has written and re-written her guest list...leaving it around the house in strategic locations. I am grateful for her patient spirit!
I am envisioning a lacey table with silly frilly decorations and treats worthy of any little girl in dress up clothes. There is a nutty balance to doing what is WORTH the cost and effort and OVERdoing it on things that the kids could care less about. Not sure how many years you have to throw these little soirees before you acquire the subtle nuance of getting it just right. Or...does it ever really matter?
The most amusing part to me is that our other young daughter - who is 11 -wants nothing to do with a "girlie" party of any a movie on the garage door with the projector, have snacks and a few loosely planned games and she is content!
I love this butterfly cake...and I love that it looks easy since it is made with cupcakes...and I love that I have kids who are similar (all pretty easy going), but so vastly different.


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