Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I know I am NEARsighted...but...I think I am SHORTsighted, too.

I have been hearing people comment on the plight of others lately who are going through hard times. A theme I am noticing is a call for Jesus to return quickly. I guess I don't think of this. I am more accustomed to think that God can and will use this tough stuff. I have seen Him redeem some messy stuff and it is such a faith builder. I am hoping and praying in this regard for these suffering families. My heart is pulled toward the belief that God can use the hard situations to reach those who do not know Him....people who stand in awe as they watch His children weather the storms under the umbrella of His love and protection...even if they get soaking wet in the process.

I do not mean to make light of anything anyone is going through. I just hope we are not quick to push it all aside as we express an insatiable desire to be done with this sinful world...that simply makes NO sense so often.

God is sovereign. Easy to say - (not easy to type...weird word..."sovereign") - but hard to fully embrace.

Lord, please grant an overwhelming sense of peace to those who are suffering and struggling tonight. Give them clear understanding that you have a plan and make known any details that will allow them to walk into a place of comfort. Let us strongly desire your presence...even more than we desire to be rid of the pains of this world.


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