Sunday, May 30, 2010

Book(s) Study...

Ever have one of those times in your life when it feels like God has literally thrown you a lifeline? That's how I felt about the "The Too-Busy Book" by Linda Andersen. I felt like my life was pretty much out of far from what I had always considered "normal." I desperately wanted to slam the breaks on and get back on a safer course that felt more like ME.

Linda Andersen writes like a someone who really loves and cares for her readers. It took a bout with cancer to slow her down, to get her attention, to get her to apply the breaks, to get her back in draw her back to a God who loved her desperately. If you have never been in such a place in your life...GOOD FOR YOU!  But...if you HAVE, I know you will understand when I say there are some situations in life that you would not "CHOOSE," but - after going through them - you would not trade them...because what you have gained is PRICELESS! You cannot put a price on gaining a renewed focus on life and what really matters. Realizing that the God of the universe wants you
to slow down and connect with Him - even if that means drastic changes have to take place - is mind boggling!

I love The Too-Busy Book! It is conveniently written in 30 chapters...perfect to read and reread in a month...or month after month. I have also purchased Linda's other book, "Interludes." I have only scanned it - but - I believe it is practical wisdom about how to draw closer to to spend more and more quality time with a Fathenr who delights in YOU!

I am hoping to gather a friend or two to read through, discuss and apply the principles of these books to our lives. Hmmm...maybe Monday nights for about
an hour and a a local coffee clutter. I even thought people who live too far away could join in by reading the book and commenting on posts on a blog that are dedicated to each individual chapter...maybe just THIS blog. I will have to see if I can drum up some interest.


krystie said...

Been thinking about this since I read it last week. Maybe thats a sign? But what if part of the answer is to have less Facebook?! {gasp}

Lori said...

Well....I would have to AGREE! I really do not miss it when I stay away. It is indeed a big time waster.
I know myself, though...if it is not one thing, it's another. Like right now: I have two 7 month old babies in the house! That'll slow ya down in some areas, for sure.
Are you gonna join us?!

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