Friday, June 5, 2009

All Over the Map Today

Wow - what a weird day. I ended up telling Pete that I have decided I am like connective tissue. None of this is at all about ME. (And I like it that way!!!)I spoke with a lady from the local farmer's market here in IL who is going to comp me a space each week to offer Bead for Life jewelry as a fundraiser. I spoke to the Bead for Life people in CO and they love the idea. I should receive a large shipment by June 21st - woo hoo! Striking aWEARness....
I spoke with an Associated Press reporter from the Chicago area who is covering the placement of a brand new baby with my freind who is serving as a Safe Family through Lydia Home. We are all going to pick up that lil baby tomorrow (technically today - late night again) and I am curious to see what the story angel will be. My friend who is getting the baby for a couple months passed my name along to a man in TN who started an organization to get retail owners (some BIG ones, too) to support orphans around the world. I was only able to speak to him for a short time but - WOW - I loved what I read on his website. Check it out:
I have also been playing phone tag with a pleasant DCFS social worker in FL. I inquired - on a whim - about a darling lil boy I saw on a photolisting. I never ever thought they would entertain:
  1. A family all the way up in Chicago, or
  2. A family whose home study was done in 2006.

However, this woman said they are looking for the best match for this child and if that family happens to be in IL, we can get our home study updated prior to placement. I know it is a long shot.....but it is fun to go for it.....who knows, maybe this is part of God's crazy plans!

And I FINALLY found some old - very important - photos for a special family in NJ. I could not send the zip file 'cause it was I put the pics on Snapfish. I hope that works!

The weirdest part of it all is that I am so "NO ONE!" I am a mom of five without a college degree - just an open mouth, willing to share what and who I know. Hey - it will be fun to see what God does through an empty vessel, huh?!


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