Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update of a Couple Previous Posts

Just to keep the facts of MY life in order. Here's an update....

We are not having the Adoption Yard Sale Fundraiser anytime soon. My big kids are flying to NH this weekend and will be gone for two full weeks. There is no way I can pull that off without them to help out....even if it is just keeping the younger ones out of my hair. Hopefully, sometime before the summer is over.
I sent half of the Ethiopian scarves to Carolyn at ProjectHOPEFUL. I sold three just the other day at work because I have a co-worker who is completely sweet and encouraging and just wanted to support us. Two others took an interest and now I have cash and checks to start the official Adoption Savings Account. If we adopt internationally, this is the first drop in the bucket. If we adopt domestically through the foster care system, it should not cost much and we will take whatever we do not need and send it to ProjectHOPEFUL and Kingdom Vision International to help facilitate the adoptions of OTHER children.


Anonymous said...

To those interested in the scarves...the one in the picture, 3rd from the left, has been SOLD already & is worn on an almost daily basis (matching the rest of the outfit or NOT!) and is adorned with many, many compliments each time. Sorry for your loss.

Signed, Completely sweet and encouraging.

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