Tuesday, June 9, 2009

More Fish Stories

The pictures do NOT tell the true story.
Brogan was TOTALLY into this fishing trip to a local pond. He hung in there with Dad before, during and after the girls flaked out. He even shared some of his hot dog bait with another lil boy on the pier. When Pete told him he was going to have to put him in the water to reach the REAL big fish, he calmly replied, "No, Dad - you don't really have to put me in the water. I'm okay here with these little fish."
Fynley wanted no part of it from the get go. When she started to CRY, I thought Pete was gonna cry, too. (" of my kids not only does not like to fish - but she CRIES about it? What is that?!") Honestly, I suspect she was nervous on the pier - maybe thinking she might fall in since the railing did not go all the way around - and Brogan told her that fish hooks like to go INto your skin....but they don't like to come OUT. I suspect she was living in fear of the dreaded HOOK. She caught a fish, asked to go to the playground and promptly decided I needed to take her to the bathroom when we came back for Round Two. (Exit stage left to the store for milk and dinner supplies.)
Tatum was a real good sport about it. Gave it the ole college try - but - simply was not catching anything. Hmmmm.....can't stand still, can't keep your mouth shut? Here fishy, fishy!? So, she took a break to join Fynn at the playground. When we went to the store/bathroom, Tate stayed to try again for that illusive aquatic beast. As she puts it - in a sassy, complaining sister-tone, "Brogan kept saying, 'Dad, I got one - Dad, I got one!' Everywhere he went, he would JUST CATCH A FISH." Tate would move to Brogan's spot and he would move to a new guessed it: Tate would catch nothing & Brogan would hook another! Finally, Pete asked Brogan to hand his rod to Tatum next time he hooked a fish so she could reel it in....must run in our family!
We returned from the store and the three of them were walking to the playground. Brogan looked so cute carrying his tackle box and fishing rod - but - his face started to get all twisted up and he looked like he was going to CRY! Yikes, not another crying kid on a fishing trip?! Well, Pete had told him he could play at the playground til I got back and he panicked when I drove up and he was only a few yards from that colorful kid wonderland. Of course, I did not make him leave.....silly boy!


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