Thursday, June 4, 2009

You Can No Longer Say... don't know the most fickle woman in the world! I drove through the neighborhood on this BEAUTIFUL, sunny day....and changed my mind - AGAIN! I am thinking I might just be doing people a "favor" by offering to take what doesn't sell after this weekend off their hands. I also figured, since there are very few weekends in the summer, I might as well have the Fundraiser Yard Sale on a weekend when ALL my kids are not around to do SOMETHING ELSE that would be MUCH more fun than this "task."

I think a catscan would consistenly show thoughts and plans bouncing wildly off the sides of my brain! My kids have friends who come over and cannot comprehend my passion for CHANGE...I freak them out whenever I move the furniture around...which is often! The current boyfriend has just resigned himself to it...and he even helps out. (Not without at least one comment tho!! :)

So,'s my new plan:
  • Neighborhood yard sale is THIS weekend - get flyers to everyone by Saturday (Hoping to paint small river rocks with HEARTS and a simple message to hold the paper down on the porch or driveway! Ah - grand such little time! Same as always...)
  • Have people drop off donations from June 7-13
  • My kids will be in VBS for 21/2 hours everyday the week of June 15-19...time alone to PURGE & PRICE!
  • Have the yard sale on June 19 & 20!!! I will have only 3 out of 5 kids around to whine about what is out there for sale. Having the older kids around would not reduce the amount of protesting I know I will get from the little people. (My older kids will be THRILLED to not have to do all the work that goes into a regular yard sale - much less a hopefully HUGE event!)

I could use your prayers.....I HATE, HATE, HATE to do yard sales....I usually just donate it to the Goodwill or local thrift store. (Or - truth be told, throw it away! wince...) I am going to try to VISUALIZE the child I am doing this for....whether he be in a foster home somewhere here in the USA or running around in Ethiopia.....OR BOTH!?! (Oh - now there is a thought that might scare Pete....not that it would SURPRISE him at all....he knows me too well.)


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