Friday, June 19, 2009

Okay....some people worry about rain on the DAY of their yard sale. Alas, I was treated to SO much more on the weekend of our GIANT adoption fundraising yard sale.
Let's see...rain, "SEVERE THUNDERSTORMS" (6 times the strength needed to categorize it as severe, according to the weatherman), possibility of BASEBALL sized hail - WHAT? How many people have even SEEN something like that? Add gusting winds in excess of 70 MPH, and {{{{drumroll!}}}} TORNADOES! To increase the drama, I have a tent - on makeshift poles - covering my driveway and almost my entire front yard. So, if you find MY junk in YOUR yard...just sell it and send me the proceeds!
We were blessed with TONS of donations and - thanks to neighbors who loaned us tarps and my husband's HARD work - we only have a few wet clothes that will most likely dry out in the sunshine of tomorrow's predicted 80 degree weather. WOO HOO!
If you don't laugh, you will surely cry!
God sent us spectacular weather, but the people still came and the day we thought we were not even going to set up at all was QUITE profitable. Praying for tomorrow and maybe even Sunday...if we still have some good stuff leftover.
It's fun to think of this crazy experience as an analogy to our adoption experience:
  • It's a huge undertaking
  • We humbled ourselves and asked for support (donations flowed in from people we know and those we had never met)
  • A small handful of people - not necessarily the people we might have suspected - came alongside us and gave us tremendous support
  • When it seemed like we were not going to be able to pull it off, we just kept going anyway
  • Some people were weird about it....oh well!
  • Even after only Day 1, it was worth it! Now THAT is the part I will be looking forward to...."Day One!!"
  • OH, BUT WAIT! What does it mean if we are doing this all over again tomorrow...and maybe Sunday....THREE TIMES? Three times?! ("Ummm...Pete?.....)


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