Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jolica Invitations

This is what I am mailing out today (since it is after midnight already!)....I only need SIX people to commit to hosting a party for me in order to qualify to become a Gift Consultant without paying a large start up fee. This costs them NOTHING - but I am still nervous that someone might get offended and think I am trying to SELL them something. I guess I would LOVE it if they saw something they just HAD to have....but they are really just doing me a huge favor in opening their home and giving me a couple hours of their time. I actually think it might be fun and I am SO hoping to connect with some old friends.
"You can't take a stand if you're sitting on the fence." I read those words of wisdom off the cardboard 6-pack holder of Mike's Hard Lemonade. ('s MINE!)'s not an actual biblical quote....but I really like it! I am not going to worry or apologize for my efforts to make a difference in the lives of my children and in the lives of OTHER children. I am just gonna hand it off to God and see what He wants to do with it.
Okay...was it just too weird that I wracked my brain for WHO to send these invites to, I addressed all the envelopes and had EXACTLY the number of stamps here in the house at this late hour for each and every envelope - not one more, not one less. If you are checking in here because you received an invitation to host a start-up Jolica party for me, I guess you can consider yourself "chosen!"


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