Monday, June 29, 2009

Through the Storm

This really isn't a great picture....but it was about the only one we bothered to take over the almost two weeks of YARD SALE-ING. Wild and crazy....exhausting and humbling. More people came in the rain on the first Friday and Saturday than on the sunny, hot Thursday and Friday. Go figure.
Our motivation to run this circus-sized yard sale was well received by most people. I thought it was ODD that several people wanted to know if it was for PET ADOPTION?! Uh - no way would I bother - too much work for the furry, 4-legged variety.
  • Some people came simply because they have a heart for adoption and wanted to support us...and, of adoption!
  • I met people and found we had mutual friends.
  • We provided lots of people in our community with lots of decent clothes for only $1.00 per item....less than that for some hard core bargainers.
  • I was entertained by a lively brown preacher and his smiling 20-something son. He said some loving, convicting things about "The Church."
  • The ice cream truck camped out right at the end of my driveway TWICE and waited for the little children of "my customers" to beg money from their parents. The second time he came, my children had just brought sherbet out to me and the ride-along girlfriend in the ice cream truck actually hopped out and bought a pair of flip flops.
  • I have a PATH in my yard where I am hoping the grass will bounce back. Right now it looks like a cattle brand of matted, slightly brown grass.
  • One crabby woman told me I had the worst garage sales signs EVER...and complained that it took her forever to find me....and then she spent ONE DOLLAR!
  • I had wonderful friends help me before, during and after. It was priceless...just having their company...having them haggle with tough customers (I hate doing that!) and having them take my kids off to THEIR houses to swim in their pools when it was bubbling HOT.
  • Neighbors we knew - and several we did NOT - stepped up in a huge way with donations and even emergency tarps in the midst of the craziest stormy weather. Good hearted people....
  • One sweet girl asked about the reason for the GIANT yard sale, I told her, she got tears in her eyes.....and asked if she could HUG ME! Too cute....we were kinda sweaty - but - what the heck?!
  • I told one young guy who asked what type of adoption and he said, "WOW - that is F***ing cool!" I replied - " is."
  • All my leftovers are going to a sweet woman who volunteers for me at church. Pete took a whole truck load over already and we have just as much in our garage waiting to go over right before her sale.


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