Thursday, June 11, 2009

Preschool Graduation

I almost forgot to post photos of the preschool graduation. It was short and sweet. The best part about it was that our WHOLE family was able to one! I guess maybe it would be sad if I knew we were done with this age. See - there ARE benefits to not having a concrete "plan!"
He finally did that "graduate thing" and got his diploma. Now it's "KINDERGARTEN, HERE I COME!"
Family photo one! I think Brogan felt special with EVERYONE there to see him graduate. He did not even mind wearing his felt cap.
We try not to take for granted the convenience of Pete working so close to home. Gotta love the White Sox hat with the grad cap underneath. Ice cream social in full swing!
What a face!
With Miss Beth...what a sweetheart....glad we did half the year in the morning class!
Miss Tricia....made the switch to afternoons SO much easier than it could have been. (Has no clue he is NOT doing a good job hiding the candy in his cheek!)
Miss Kathy...what an easy-going, accepting mom & conversations with her this year! (Pucker face kid)
Gotta be careful where you leave your coveted grad cap laying around....who IS that large kindergarten kid?!
Can't leave out Miss Kathy's monster truck. Little boys are easily impressed....hehehe!
Probably THE most beautiful preschool campus in the country!


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